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  • Mark Zeid

Happily we bask in this warm September sun

We’ve been busy and blessed. We continue our Friday-night, lay-leader services with outstanding attendance from our members. The best part is we have many guests visiting us. Our rabbi moved back to the Northwest to be with his daughters, two fine young ladies currently living with their mother in Seattle. But we received a blessing with the good fortune of having a former student rabbi, Rabbi Yoni, come back from his current military assignment and lead services during the High Holidays.

Further blessings came with the Bar Mitzvahs of two young men. Henry had his on September 10th. And we are looking forward to Eli’s taking place this month.

We are continuing with our religious education. Every Saturday morning, we meet for Torah study. On Sunday mornings, religious school for the children is held. While education is the goal, our greatest accomplishment is fellowship other members of our community.

One fun activity was putting up our synagogue sukkah. One Sunday, more than half a dozen of us gathered to accomplish this engineering feat. The older generation got the physical structure up. The younger generation from the religious school provided the decorations.

Our community outreach programs are still going strong. We do provide material support for two shelters in Fort Walton Beach. Our annual food drive is providing lots of groceries to the food banks in the area. And, working with the United Way, we were able to distribute care packages for service members at two military bases.

The best news, we are off to a strong beginning and things look great for the upcoming months. Remember, all are welcome to join us.

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