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Religious School

Our Religious School is dynamic, serving a multiplicity of needs, and continues to grow.  It provides the Hebrew instruction necessary to comprehend and actively participate in worship services.  We believe in providing a unique customized education experience tailored to each of the children.  Flexible schedules, teach by walking with the children at their pace, helping them begin to discover a part of their own spiritual journey.  Lots of attention, care, and love goes into our religious education offerings, primarily due to the incredible volunteers who choose to teach and be available to all of the children.

The comprehensive curriculum introduces to all ages the singular concepts, experiences religious and ethical heritage that is theirs and which enables them to carry on the traditions of our religion.


Special emphasis is placed on the student's responsibility to become a part of the continual growth and development of Judaism.  Students are encouraged to work toward their B’nai Mitzvah with the assistance of the rabbi and tutors.

The importance of our rich cultural heritage is emphasized by holiday observances featuring a combination of art activities, music, folk dance, and even instruction in the preparation of traditional Jewish foods.

Our school is staffed, in all positions, by volunteers. We are thankful for their desire to further Jewish education in Fort Walton Beach and Temple Beth Shalom! 

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