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Summer Blooms

Updated: Jul 11, 2022

Temple Beth Shalom welcomed Summer with Shavuot, cheesecake, and the annual members meeting. The meeting started with food, which is no surprise to anyone attending any Jewish gathering. The annual meeting was our opportunity to inform the entire congregation of all the issues and accomplishments of the synagogue. The one accomplishment we were most happy about was the growth in our community.

One disappointing item was the need to raise our annual dues. It is important to know that no one will ever be turned away from our synagogue for financial reasons. All are welcome. We are aware that many of our members may have limited financial resources.

A second disappointment was the possibility of getting our synagogue’s sign replaced. Since it was destroyed two years ago by an uninsured driver, it looks like we will have pay for the replacement ourselves.

Still, we enjoyed socializing with our members and the cheesecakes that were available. We also took a moment to recognize the contribution of the Walker Family for their support of the music in our synagogue and the Holocaust Day of Remembrance events taking place at Eglin Air Force Base. We should mention that several other members of the synagogue also help with the music. I offered to help the Walker Family, but they turned me down. I noticed several members of our community thanked them for that decision. It’s not that I’m a terrible singer; it’s just that I’m not even that good.

Our annual meeting ended with the usual flourish and need to clean up. It’s amazing that we can bring so much food for a large group, and still have lots of leftovers. This was not a disappointment to anyone.

The start of our annual members meeting with everyone’s favorite—good food.

Recognizing the support of the Walker Family.

June also brought a return to one of our most popular events—Night on the Town. We missed this opportunity to meet and socialize. It is a terrific way to meet and get to know our new members and those who we rarely see at services. The highlight of the meeting was a young military couple who brought their four-month-old son. When the mother brought her baby out of the stroller, we witnessed the look on the baby’s face that says, “Holy crap Mom! What did you get me into?” More than thirty people joined the party, several taking part in holding the baby. Naturally, everyone is looking forward to our next Night on the Town.

Night on the Town

As we prepare to celebrate our nation’s birthday, we also prepare for more celebrations and social events. Regardless of high gas prices, inflation, and summer vacations; we continue to look for opportunities to celebrate life together. Come join us.

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